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Even I am gobsmacked...

My sister told me of a book she was reading whose name caught my ear: 'The Moth in the Iron Lung'. The term 'iron lung' of course evokes horror stories of people so paralyzed by polio, 'infantile paralysis, 'teething paralysis', that their respiratory muscles have shut down. A family in our home town lost their mother, a nurse, to the epidemic in 1952. Her last child was incubated while her mom was in the iron lung. Well, I got the book from Audible, and was treated to one of those experiences that begins as incredulity - -'No.... come on, couldn't be' - - and ends up as insight - - 'Oh... that makes perfect sense', and 'Oh so that's why!'

It's an easy read, but in case you've got other books at the head of your cue, I'll be a bit of a spoiler. Just a bit. The book looks at polio through the lens of toxicology, not virology. Four waves of chemical intoxication of the environment correlated with four waves of the dread disease. 1. teething powders containing Mercury. (We've heard a lot about Mercury toxicity, and we'll hear more, as long as it's in use). 2. Paris Green: arsenic and copper salt used in

making lovely Victorian wallpapers, redeployed as an herbicide in the late 1800's, against the gypsy moth and other pests. 3. Lead arsenate (everybody knows that lead is poison and so is arsenic, yes? Of course yes.) used widely on orchards, farms, trees, and even more widely. for decades. Touted as a superlative pesticide. But made of two central nervous system poisons, and widely ingested by people. and finally, 4. DDT, the latest and greatest pesticide, sprayed liberally all over the place in the early-mid 1900's. When the toxicity of these pesticides was finally acknowledged and they were withdrawn, the incidence of polio declined markedly. Before the vaccine was marketed. Did I check the guy's references in detail? No. Feel free to. He sounds like an interesting guy, okay with being OOTB (Out Of The Box)

The 'Aha!' moment for me was this: Maready points out that viruses don't attack the Central Nervous System, it is too highly guarded and protected. Of course! I learned that decades ago in immunology! Viruses get in through the gut or the lungs, where the two immune systems have many strategies for neutralizing and expelling them. For a virus to bypass the many-layered defense system and land in the gray matter of the spinal cord, there has to be something amiss in Denmark. Such as arsenic, such as lead, such as an organochloride. Central nervous systems toxins. Creators of paralyses.

This brings us back to the topic of the times, vaccinations. It's not that the idea of vaccinations isn't a good one - - the homeopaths began it in the early 1800's using attenuated substances from nature to evoke an immune response which protected from the disease in question, or greatly eased and sped up its course. The problems with commercial vaccinations are twofold. 1. Injecting the germ directly into the bloodstream rather than by mouth (nature's port of entry) confuses the immune system. It's like just telling the punch line of a joke without the whole beginning. Not funny. 2. the stuff in the shots besides the germ is toxic stuff! Mercury. Aluminum. Formaldehyde. They're poison! Always have been, always will be. It's a no-brainer to want to keep such stuff out of our kids' bloodstreams and brains (where it tends to get stuck). Anybody who tries to convince you these things are safe for your kids is either lying, or/and thinks you are really stupid. You're not.

I couldn't disagree more. 'If they didn't listen to so much negativity about vaccines on the Web, they'd come to their senses and get on board', the article implies. I say, let parents do their own research, including talking to parents whose children have been harmed, and other people supportive of 'vaccine hesitancy'. And let parents decide, free of state interference.

And let us constantly look over our shoulders, at the history of this issue: it goes way back, even long before the smallpox vaccination. There's nothing new going on: moneyed and powerful interests coercing unwilling people to do what's good for business, regardless of what's good for people. We can't really blame them for wanting a successful business plan, that's the nature of the beast. But we can and must speak up and out if we don't choose to shop at their store, to worship at their church. Choice is the cornerstone of freedom.

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