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Health Freedom &The Arctic Icecap:

both are melting away faster than anyone thought possible. Last week my home state of New York passed in record time (even faster than the icecap is melting) a bill summarily eliminating the state's widely utilized religious exemption from mandatory vaccination. Bang. Done. No grandfathering in of previously exempted children.

So my great-niece Rowan. a fabulous almost-12 girl will not be able to go to the camp she has attended and loved for years unless her shots are up-to-date. Rowan's mom has raised her on homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis, a time-tested method of preparing the immune system for dangers, and training it to deal effectively with such dangers. There are no side effects, it is gentle, it is effective. (but it is B4B, see prior Blog post on B4B).

Rowan's mom Holly was vaccine damaged as a youngster, * leaving her with a seizure disorder (and the myriad ill effects of the meds they put her on) until very recently. It's commonly accepted that children of parents with vaccine damage / neurological issues stand a higher risk of incurring such damage themselves after shots. For Rowan to receive all the shots she's never had in the next few weeks would be asking for serious immune system trouble. Rowan has no allergies, no asthma, no eczema, and we 'd like to keep it that way. no health problems at all, is a topnotch actress and dancer, is responsible, relatable (a new word, as I understand). She is as healthy a kid as you'd ever want to meet or to parent.

Holly engaged Michael Sussman, a renowned Civil Rights Lawyer, Harvard Law School '78, to help her and Rowan. Many other families approached Sussman too. He is in touch with many

lawyers around the country, and says he will take this to the top. Robert F Kennedy Jr. is also on the ground fighting for Children's Health.​. If you're not on Bobby's newsletter list, do get on it, it's a treasure trove of information that's being suppressed in the mainstream media.

But for now, the law is the law. Like the law passed in Germany in the 30's that declared that Jews could no longer own businesses. Legal but wrong. Like the Dawes act of the 1880's which removed Native children forcibly from their families, cut their braids, made their language a source of shame. Legal, but wrong. We needn't even mention to legal wrongs that characterized every level of slavery. The parallels are chilling to me, to say the least.

For now we're brainstorming about how Rowan can spend her summer time productively but not at camp. The camp owners are just pawns: they stand to get stiffly fined if their attendees are not 'compliant'. So the law is bad for their business too. We'll have to see what wants to happen about school in September.

This is a problem, of course. The bigger problem, though, is a government that thinks it's okay to overreach its bounds in such a way as to remove parental right to raise a child in the way they feel best. The bigger issue is about Choice. The bigger issue is making one Constitutionally guaranteed right, free education, contingent on giving up another Constitutionally guaranteed right, sovereignty over one's own body and one's children's.

And California is on the brink of eliminating all exemptions as well. It's puzzling at best, terrifying at worst, that the bluest of states are the ones ready to sacrifice their children's well-being on the altar of pharmaceutical propaganda. If you haven't helped and want to, I suggest you write a brief, handwritten letter to Governor Gavin Newsom, State Capitol 1114, Sacramento, CA 95814, asking him to act from his heart and his conscience and Veto SB 276.

If you're a vaccination proponent, I ask you to imagine how it would be if they passed a law that forbade you to vaccinate your kids. That's what's happening just the other way. Please write to Governor Newsom. Urge him to reinstate Personal Exemptions. We can't have the government making medical decisions for us. A very sticky wicket. The stickiest. Thin ice. The thinnest.

* We didn't know the language of vaccine damage at the time, didn't think to suspect vaccinations to be the cause of any possible harm. Now we know better. Details of Holly's recovery will follow in a later blog.

May all be happy, may all be healthy, may all be free.

Dr; Jan

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