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G4B, B4B, B4L

Have just returned from a gathering of folks upset about the scheduled clear-cutting of hundreds of thousands of trees in the East Bay Regional Parks, ostensibly because they are 'non-native' (are WE native?) invasive, and present a fire hazard (and therefore are a threat to people's property/equity.) So, we are in the middle of Global Warming (maybe not the beginning, maybe the middle), smothering ourselves in Carbon dioxide, and these people are thinking of felling 400,000 plus trees (eaters of Carbon dioxide) because, why? Because at some future time there might be a fire that might burn down some top-drawer real estate in the Claremont Canyon? Something's fishy, say what? Who says eucalyptus are more flammable than other trees? (According to fire expert David Maloney, tis not so.) Why aren't the Australians cutting down their eukies? Australia has way worse drought problems than we do, after all. Factoid: Bay laurel leaves (a 'native', by the way) contain more oil than eucalyptus leaves. Something's fishy, say what?

It reminds me of SB277, which requires all children who aspire to Public Schools to have attenuated measles virus, and various adjuvants of various but undoubted toxicity, injected directly into their bloodstream, rather than just letting the kids catch wild measles, which will confer lifetime immunity, and, according to recent research, may protect against future heart attacks .

Clearing East Bay Hills forests and mandating vaccinations are just two more examples of G4B (Good for Business: the City of Oakland will get $4 million from FEMA, Monsanto and Dow will get a small but significant bundle for the poison to be applied to the stumps (Hello, have they not heard the news about RoundUp, its association with Autism, etc.?) but B4P (Bad 4 People). Maybe that should be B4L Bad 4 Life. Somebody, haven't learned who as yet, will be making a bundle on selling the chipped downed trees and to Europe, and the stove-pellets to China.

Mandating vaccinations is very good for Big Pharma, for pediatricians, very bad for both the long-term health outcomes of the children, and for the long-term costs to schools and health care systems who will need to accommodate the ever growing numbers of children with special needs, due to vaccine damage.

As a homeopath, I feel hopeful that the opposition to SB277 will manifest as law suits which will ultimate in the repeal of the law on (at least) First Amendment basis. Meanwhile, we have Homoeprophylaxis and CEASE Therapy to assist families interested in a non-invasive immunization strategy. As for the deforestation, I admit to feeling pretty overwhelmed by the ubiquitousness of the greed, of the willingness on the part of a few in power to tighten the environmental noose we've slipped over our heads, by further decimating forests.

My activism is generally on a small scale: help people change their lives from the inside out, and everybody profits, in the deep sense. In the case of the Tree-ocide, it feels like more is required. Which is why I'm writing this blog entry and posting it. Blessings. More to come.

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