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A measly little poem for these troubled times

Spotted Herring

A red herring with red spots distracts us from the cliched humongous black elephant in our living/dying room. many are the pachyderms

squeezing out our breathing space but this one has red spots.

Seven hundred measles cases flashed on media's marquis, silvery rainbow flickerings instill fear and, worse, belief, that this is a federal case, a case of armageddon: it's a case of overkill Where on the marquis is news of the hundreds of thousands children diagnosed this year with autism? these children wish they had but a fever then the healing eruption They wish they had their minds back. Their parents long for measles rather than blank stares, seizures, heads banging on walls and floors. Their parents learned MMR was 'safe and effective' once: Trust disappeared like their kids. Not anti-vaxxers, EX-vaxxers.

The vaccine-educated.

For prose information on the measles hysteria, see RFK Jr's website, There are many well-written, articles on the issue.

Please donate deeply to Kennedy's organization. He has the training and the skills to take the culprits to court, and he's doing it. But it's expensive to go to court.

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