My sister told me of a book she was reading whose name caught my ear: 'The Moth in the Iron Lung'.  The term 'iron lung' of course evokes horror stories of people so paralyzed by polio, 'infantile paralysis, 'teething paralysis', that their respiratory muscles have shu...

Over the past few weeks, after making numerous phone calls with talking points at hand to my State legislators, hoping to abort SB 276, all to no avail, I found myself writing personal letters to Governor Newsom. It made me feel better, because I wasn't trying to convi...

both are melting away faster than anyone thought possible.  Last week my home state of New York passed in record time (even faster than the icecap is melting) a bill summarily eliminating the state's widely utilized religious exemption from mandatory vaccination.  Bang...

Spotted Herring

A red herring with red spots
distracts us from the cliched
humongous black elephant
in our living/dying room.
many are the pachyderms

squeezing out our breathing space 
but this one has red spots.

Seven hundred measles cases
flashed on media's marquis,

In these times of polarity, when allegedly liberal Congressmen feel okay about encouraging Social Media and other conglomerates to censor the information they make available to the public, it behooves each of us with some experience and some unfake facts to write.


A cold wet wind in from the north

Perhaps we will give thanks for winter.

Real winter, la nina winter, 

Winter that soaks and chills and inundates

Swells our raisined skin to sponge, to turgid

Peaches gravid like a near term woman.

Have just returned from a gathering of folks upset about the scheduled clear-cutting of hundreds of thousands of trees in the East Bay Regional Parks, ostensibly because they are 'non-native' (are WE native?)  invasive, and present a fire hazard (and therefore are a th...

How did it all start?  High stress, high profile corporate job? Life in the fast track? Childhood trauma?  All of the above?  I don’t know. What I do know is:  I wasn’t able to breathe for about a year and a half. Every ten minutes or so, I had to concentrate on taking...

It's been a year since I began visiting Jan Dederick for Kairos treatments. From the start I noticed that individual sessions (90 minutes) allowed me to fall into the most delicious sleep, after which I came out feeling light, energetic and positive.

       Then, about...

It was a dancing poetry day at the Alameda Museum.  I was scheduled to read a poem, but when I got up there to read, it turned out I had picked up someone else's poem by mistake.  Some friends, who knew that I study movement improv with Terry Sendgraff

said,  ' Jus...

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