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May 2019, the time to pay attention

In these times of polarity, when allegedly liberal Congressmen feel okay about encouraging Social Media and other conglomerates to censor the information they make available to the public, it behooves each of us with some experience and some unfake facts to write.

When I had my kids, in the 80's, I was in Chiropractic College. Chiropractors have always been agents of 'Innate Intelligence', i.e. respect for Nature's design and operations. As such, we have been respectful of the Sanctity of Human Blood. So, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was exposed for the first time to the idea that vaccinations might not be such a great idea, introducing as they do, foreign protein directly into the bloodstream. Hmmmm.... never thought of that before... And so I gave it a think, and what came to me were 2 questions:

1) WHAT IF the injections were/could be harmful? It was clear that, once that stuff was IN there, there would be no getting it out, that was for sure. So then, logically, the second question: 2) WHAT OTHER OPTIONS WERE THERE to protect my kids from harm?

So I began a search for other ways of dealing with such acute epidemic diseases as whooping cough (my little sister had it, and had to play in the back yard for a few weeks, and had nosebleeds after for a while but was fine.) ; measles, chicken pox, mumps, and of course the dread polio. For each disease, I kept coming up against this thing called 'Homeopathy', something I knew nothing about. I began reading about Homeopathy, and gee, it sounded pretty darn good! It seems the Homeopaths had been treating epidemic diseases with astonishing success since the turn of the 19th century! So to me it seemed like a good risk to take , and I took it. It was brilliant.

What amazes me in these times of strife and conflict about such diseases is that information about Homeopathy (and other modes of protection such as getting regular Chiropractic adjustments, nutrient-dense diet, Ayurveda, Acupuncture) don't even get a moment in the spotlight to air their benefits. The complexity and awe-inspiring complexity of the immune system is snubbed.

So, for today, I'm here to say that, it there's even a molecule of doubt in you about the wisdom of the CDC's vaccination schedule, and the wisdom of the drug manufacturers having no liability for damage caused by vaccines; if there's even a shred of curiosity about why some people whom you know and respect prefer non-injection methods of protecting their kids' immune systems, educate yourselves about Homeopathy as I did. I think you'll take heart.

More to follow. In health and harmony, Dr. Jan

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